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Whether you have a great product or
a wonderful story to share will not matter
unless you get

he Word Out!

That's where I can help. My name is Brenda Black and I provide advertising and public relations services and freelance writing skills. From ad copy to editing and book publishing; feature articles to press releases, The Word's Out can help you launch the "next best thing" or spread big news about your business.

When you don't have the time to write for the website or if you struggle with creating an image, I'll take care of it for you. Since 1987, I have been published more than 1,800 times including magazine articles, editorials, devotions, presentations, workshops, and much more. My works appear in local newspapers, state magazines and regional publications on a weekly basis. I specialize in biographical features, advertising slogans and concepts, interesting and timely press releases, and faith-based commentaries, devotions and presentations.

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I've authored and co-authored books; edited resumes; produced newsletters; and created ads, announcements and fliers. I can put you on the Worldwide Web or promote your product in your local neighborhood. So worry no more, look no further, if it is a writer you are after, you've come to the right place. Now let's work together to get...

                                  The Word Out!



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    Latest Releases



Were You Born in a Barn - 2nd Edition

You Can Learn a Lot from an Animal

Now available for Online Special $15

(Retails $20.00) (plus $4.00 shipping)

Face it -- we have a lot in common with country criters and you'll find yourself laughing, crying, pondering and pausing over timeless lessons learned from our four footed and hooved friends. Open the gate and venture into the barnlot, where you'll meet some marvelous farm dwellers and get better acquainted with their wonderful Creator.

Paperback 168 pages


When He Remembers Me No More

A Poetic Journey Through the Beauty & Pain of Alzheimer's

Now available for Online Special $20

(Retails $24.95) (plus $4.00 shipping)

Beauty from ashes. That's what poet Deanie Burk shares in her newly published collection of poems When He Remembers Me No More – A Poetic Journey Through the Beauty and Pain of Alzheimer's. During one of her most difficult seasons in life, the Lord whispered hope and encouragement delivered to her in verse. In this beautiful 400 page paperback, Editor and Publisher Brenda Black helps Burk offer a creative and intimate look into the struggles and blessings of a caregiver. Burk walked through the uncertainty of Alzheimer’s with her husband Cecil, to whom the book is lovingly dedicated. The title of her new book says a lot about the heartache and loss endured when a loved one suffers from this dreaded disease. It also reveals the faith and hope of this gentle caregiver who traveled a dark and winding road, guided by the love and light of her Savior. When He Remembers Me No More – A Poetic Journey Through the Beauty and Pain of Alzheimer's conveys genuine sorrow, while capturing the assurance of God's promises for better days ahead and His presence in the midst.


Wedding Dogs

Now available for Online Special $15

(Retails $19.95) (plus $3.50 shipping)

Artist Susan Hearting and seamstress Susan Hellwig of  Vintage View, have teamed up with author Brenda Black to create Wedding Dogs, a delightful story set to rhyme that will take you back in time. Hearting's adorable canine characters can be found dressed "to the nines" as they take part in a re-barkable wedding celebration. The rich illustrations and the fun verse make this beautiful little book a must have memento for the young (and young at heart) of any bridal party...or just for fun. They are sure to enjoy reading it again and again, long after the bride and groom say "I do."

ss book cover

Search for Sally

Now available for Online Special $10

(Retails $14.95) (plus $3.50 shipping)

This is the story of a woman's search for identity, not sufficiency. Come take the journey that begins on a blustery, winter night and ends in the warmth of generosity and acceptance in Search for Sally.





Cowboy Pete

Now available for Online Special $15

(Retails $19.95) (plus $3.50 shipping)

Ride along with Cowboy Pete and his trusty steed, Apple Dumplin' through a day filled with adventure.



Were YouBorn in a Barn? Life Lessons from the Barnlot...and Beyond

Online Special $10

(Retails $14.95) (plus $3.50 shipping)

Uniquely illustrated 96 page softback

If you ever ~ *Look cock-eyed at your husband when he acts bull-headed... *Wonder why kids romp like goats indoors and are drawn to mud like pigs in the backyard... *Are certain that girls cackle like geese and boys chew like cows... *Find yourselfpurring like a kitten or growling like a canine... Maybe you and those you love were...Born in a Barn!



I Stand - A Miraculous Journey from Paralysis to Praise  

Online Special $20

(retails $24.95). (plus $3.50 shipping)

Beautiful hardcover book - 240 pages plus 16 page full-color photo section.

I count it a high privilege to witness the remarkable touch of God in Pam Morgan's life and to work alongside her in recounting her astounding recovery following a near-fatal car accident. As the co-author of this heart-searing, triumphant story, I know you will stand amazed as well for the miracle that brought Pam from broken and ruined at the side of the road all the way back to full-time Gospel music ministry and abundant living!

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More Works Available**************************** 


heart and steel cover

Heart & Steel - The Strongman Steve Schmidt Story  

Learn how Steve Schmidt discovered his unique talents and developed his skills. Walk his journey from farm boy to World Records breaking athlete and come face to face with a winner.  This specially crafted book reveals the personal fortitude it takes to pursue a dream without forsaking personal convictions. It is packed with highlights from Steve's fascinating career as a heavy lifter and teeth puller, including his success at setting a Guinness World Record, and features two 16-page full color photo sections.  Author Brenda Black paints a vivid picture of the man behind the metal and reveals the heart inside of this Hercules between the covers of Heart & Steel.  Steve's inspiring story is one worth reading and sharing.


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